Great article in regards to obesity epidemic written in daily mail UK. Only issue seems they have missed the whole point on the reason people eat as they do. It is not such a food issue as it is an emotional issue. Deal with the emotions, the weight comes off naturally. Have seen this thousands of time working with overweight and obese clients in my office.

Make grazing on unhealthy food socially unacceptable to fight obesity, expert claims

  • Government anti-obesity adviser calls for taxation on fizzy drinks
  • Professor Susan Jebb says snacking on unhealthy food and meals served without vegetables should be viewed in the same way as smoking indoors
  • Said social norms are ‘terribly important’ and championed structured meals over grazing, where it is harder to know how much you eat
  • All meals should be served with vegetables, snacking should be socially unacceptable and a fizzy drinks tax must be introduced if the obesity epidemic is to be tackled, an expert said today.

    The Government’s anti-obesity adviser said she wants food policy to be subjected to the same tough regulations as the tobacco industry.

    Professor Susan Jebb, from Oxford University, said social norms are ‘terribly important’, and as such, grazing on unhealthy snacks should be frowned upon.

    Poor diet is a leading cause of premature death in the UK, accounting for 12.5 per cent of the total burden of disease, primarily due to cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    Two thirds of adults are overweight or obese as a result of overeating.

    In total obesity is linked to around 20 per cent of all ill health in the country, with 33,000 avoidable, early deaths a year, as a result.

    Preventing these avoidable diseases should be the Government’s focus, if the health service is to become more sustainable, Professor Jebb is expected to say tomorrow at the annual Oxford London Lecture.

    The components of a healthy diet, consuming less saturated fat, sugar and salt while instead eating more fibre, fruit and vegetables, are well known.

    But to tackle the complex issues which have resulted in the rising tide of obesity in the UK, tougher measures are needed.

    Professor Jebb, is expected to call for a tax on fizzy drinks to help tackle the issue.

    Weight loss expert Steve Miller said ‘gentle, politically correct’ strategies have failed to encourage people to lose weight.

    Article in London Daily Mail about the issue of Obesity

Help the person get back their control, forgive themselves for the behaviour that resulted in the weight and remove the trauma that is attributed to it.

Article in London Daily Mail about the issue of Obesity

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