Losing friends after Baby arrives can affect many new mums?

When we have a Baby we may sometimes lose connection with friends, this can occur when we have single friends whose lifestyle is not so compatible with ours anymore.

It’s common for friendships to change this way. While they may change for a while, when our friend re-enters our wold of babies, husband, family, it can all recommence and reinvent the friendship on a new and better level. For a friendship to work, there must be some give and take, and we need to show an interest in each others lives,.

The difficulty comes when we have a baby because while we still understand our friend’s life, they can no longer understand ours. One of the most common reasons for a friendship breakup after a baby.

It can stem from us not having as much time to invest in our friends and not being as interested in their issues or events as we once were. So, as the new parent, is there a way we can save a flagging relationship?

If you can remain interested in your friend and ensure you spend some quality time with them to listen, support and laugh with them, this could be all it takes.

You may need to expand the conversation to outside the baby world. On the flipside,  it’s important to know when to call it a day. If a friend seems continually dismissive of you, your baby stories or current experiences, this may be a red flag to the friendship.

Full article can be read at Essential Child by Jo Hartley at  http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/wellbeing/relationships/when-having-a-baby-means-losing-old-friends-20150617-ghq2xw.html


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