How to write a Successful Resume

I have been an employer for almost three decades. I have seen hundreds of resumes come across my desk for a variety of different jobs. I remain concerned that so many of these resumes have one thing in common – they are simply bad. So here are a few tips to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd in a bid to be noticed and score that interview where you have the possibility to sell yourself.

  1. Ensure our Name, Address, Phone number and Email are clear and legible. Place them at the top of the resume so the employer does not have to search for them and use Font 12 or better – 14 so it is easier to read. Many employers are over 40 years old and their eyes are starting to show sight strain, make it easy for them to see you basic details.
  1. Include a head shot of yourself if you can. This creates a more personal application and makes the employer feel they have a basic connection with you already. Just a word of caution, if you are applying for a hospitality position, ensure your hair is pulled back so they can picture you working in their organisation.
  1. Make your resume relevant and specific to the position advertised. So many resumes come across our desks that are standard. This shows the boss you have not bothered to go the trouble to make it job or position relevant.
  1. Always put the job you are applying for at the top of your resume after our photo and personal contact details. Often we have no idea what job the person is applying for as many organisations have 2 or more jobs going at one time. Be specific.
  1. Subdivide you resume into your introductory and why you want the job and what experience you have to do it. This is followed by your qualifications, try to stick to the most relevant ones for the position you are applying.
  1. Always call the business, find out a little about the job and business, what they do, who they service or sell to and the size of their organisation. This way you can make or embellish your resume to fit with them.
  1. Ask to volunteer or offer to do a couple of volunteer days before interview. Suggest you are very keen for them to see you are a good fit with their team and organisation. You may need to purchase your own insurance, this is fast and cheap. They will be impressed.
  1. Ensure your phone message is mature and not stupid – and – you answer your phone when they call.
  1. Have a mature email address. The number of sexy_suzie or badboy_Bob89 type email addresses I have come across is disturbing and No, I never send them a request for interview. Make your email address, age appropriate.
  1.  Adjust your facebook page. Many employers are now looking at prospective employees’ facebook pages to determine the sort of person they may be employing. Put your page on public or change it to a nick name so they can’t track you if you are concerned what they might see.
  1. Employers are not really interested in your hobbies so don’t waste their time. I also place this down because if you ride dirt bikes or do rock climbing you won’t get an interview as they see you as a risk off on sick leave – a lot.
  1. When they call you for interview, smile before talking. Your voice always sounds warmer and friendlier if you have a smile.

Good Luck !!!

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